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Ms M-ART-inuzzi by Helena Wade

Ms M-ART-inuzzi​

Helena Wade​

About the work

The artwork medium is acrylic paint on watercolour paper. The subject of the portrait, Samantha Martinuzzi, is a Brisbane based artist and art teacher. She has taught for years in schools across Brisbane where she inspires the next generation of artists, including myself Helena Wade. Her style of abstract art, defined by its bright colours, has been included in the background of the portrait so the composition reflects her personality rather than just her exterior.

I love to create art. Born and raised in Brisbane I am currently in year 9 at school. My dream is to become a full-time artist. Art shapes my whole life. Walking down the street of Brisbane I see potential artworks. I take photos and work on them after school and on weekends. I have been painting since I was 1 year old and I still love it.