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Meaningful to One, Meaningless to Another by Daniela Herrera Guerra

Meaningful to One, Meaningless to Another​

Daniela Herrera Guerra​

About the work

My name is Daniela Herrera and I’m originally from Colombia, South America but I came to Australia when I was two. I’m in year 12 at Citipointe Christian College and my sitter and I have attended this school for 13 years.

When my sister was diagnosed with osteosarcoma my world was turned up-side down. I found myself trying to make understanding of the situation. My friend Madi (sitter) was a source of great support. I was broken, and she would often ask if I was okay.

As I confided in her I realised she would never truly grasp the depth of what I was personally going through. Regardless, she was there.

This work is a fusion of both my grief in self-portrait, fused with homage to my friend; with whom I placed immense trust. It’s a celebration of the complex nature of friendships and the struggle to maintain friendships.