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Loafing by Libby Evans


Libby Evans​

About the work

My family and I arrived in Brisbane when we first emigrated to Australia from London when I was 5 years old before moving onto the Sunshine Coast. Now at 15 years old I frequently visit Brisbane to buy and sell clothes at the Suitcase Rummage for my ‘culture fix’. My brother – Jake, is wearing clothes bought from the rummage in this piece.

In this photography piece, I used these 60’s-styled clothes and warm toned backdrop and lighting to give this scene a vintage 1960s-stylised look to it, inspired by 1960’s icon ‘Twiggy’. 

As a year 10 student who is soon to be studying fashion in Brisbane, it was really important to me that this photography piece was stylised. The use of lighting in this picture adds a depth and bold touch, bringing focus to his face which creates beautiful, contrasting shadows and illuminates his eyes.