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Ilrahc by Charlotte England


Charlotte England​

About the work

I am a young Brisbane artist, inspired by human experience and relationships. On the cusp of graduating high school, I find myself pushed to define myself as I make final choices along with my class. Whether it be university preferences, career paths or just what I want to eat for breakfast ‚Äì I am constantly questioning myself. 

My self-portrait explores the effects of societal norms on perception of self. Words such as ‘Enlightenment’ and “Illumination’ are used to communicate a sudden awareness or awakening to reality. 

Contradicting the symbolisation of ideas as light, the light has been shone into my eye, blinding my vision. Striking tonal differences reveal the impacts of others ideas on my own perception‚ as the right side of my face is untouched by the light, rough and abstract, formed by the foundations of who I am. The left side is exposed, in view and manipulated by societal ideas.