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Envisage by Georgia McKay


Georgia McKay​

About the work

John Keith Dutton purchased and managed a VIP cleaning franchise upon his arrival to Brisbane from England in 1997. He was known as a dedicated businessman who gave his all to his new beginning in Brisbane.

However, my intention is to remember my grandfather for his interests. 

This change in scenery fuelled Keith’s fascination with the birds of prey native to Brisbane’s coast, a focus that would become his favourite drawing subject, and would inspire his hobbyist art journey.

Our bond was primarily through art and our fascination in bringing the imaginary to life. This portrait became our joint project, which he unfortunately could not see completed before he passed away in July. I hope to continue his creative legacy, remembering the beginning, the end and his perseverance throughout his life in Brisbane. Through the cockatoo, one of our favourite birds and an icon of Brisbane, I hope to capture his strength and release.