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Darren England (Dad) by Charlotte England

Darren England (Dad)​

Charlotte England​

About the work

This is a portrait of my dad in our yard with our beloved family dog. Darren England, born in Brisbane, has been a photographer since 1988 and a massive influence throughout my life. 

I am a Brisbane student in my last year of high-school. As I reach graduation, my parents are my biggest supporters, and it is my intention to communicate the quieter moments of contemporary life. 

Among my never-ending stress and complaints about school, university, and current events, I learn to appreciate moments like sharing tea together in the afternoon and being driven to school to avoid the crowded bus. 

Working as a photographer for Australian newspapers throughout his career, Darren has covered many events within Brisbane, and has a strong connection to the city as he preserves much of its history and people. I hope that he has passed some of his knowledge and experience onto me.