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Aunty Jen by Paris Koppens

Aunty Jen​

Paris Koppens​

About the work

As an artist born and raised in Brisbane, my love of art emerged in Kindergarten and through support from my family, art teacher Michelle Bugler (Artstar Studio) and school, my talent has developed. 

When I thought of connections to Brisbane, my Great Aunt came to mind. Aunty Jen has always nurtured my creative interests and encouraged my artistic pursuits. I used pastels as I enjoy working with them to create a realistic effect. 

Jennifer Brett was born in Brisbane in 1932, attended St Margaret’s school and graduated from UQ with PE qualifications, returning to St Margaret’s to teach. Jen also trained as a nurse and midwife. She travelled the world before returning to Brisbane, dedicating 17 years to preventative and self-help programs for indigenous communities. Since retirement, Jen has volunteered for QLD Cancer Council and is currently a volunteer gardener at Roma Street Parklands.