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Vince by Rick Everingham


Rick Everingham

About the artwork

Rick Everingham planned this painting to be light and informal and a bit larger than life, to capture a moment in time that expresses the feeling of Vince Anello’s hospitality, humour and constant gesturing, with just an indication of the Deli behind. Everingham says, “My goal was that anyone viewing the painting would say, ‘that’s Vince’.” 

About the sitter

Vince Anello and his wife Maria are the much loved owners of the New Farm Deli, a famous icon of Brisbane’s culinary scene. Last year the deli was destroyed by fire, but due to the tenacity of these two it was completely restored to its former glory in record time, much to the relief and admiration of their many devoted customers.

About the artist

Rick Everingham is a leading Brisbane artist who has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally for fifty years. He is best known as a representational painter in oils, with subjects varied from beaches, buildings, figurative works, still life, portraits, and a long series of paintings from Italy, where he has a home. His work has a peaceful ambience with a strong feeling of particular places.

“As an artist I am always trying to express my reaction to the energy I feel from of a particular subject. ”

Behind the scenes

A portrait is far more than a collection of coloured paint and a record of how someone looks. It is possible in a portrait to convey much more subtle information than is possible in a photograph. 

As an artist I am always trying to express my reaction to the energy I feel from of a particular subject. 

My choice of considering painting “Vince” was helped by the fact that I have known him for twenty years, and know his personality and mannerisms quite well. I wanted a way to convey his enthusiasm, and ever-present hand gestures, which are a gift from his Italian heritage. The other hands in the painting are also his. The wine is also Italian.