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Reciprocity – Dr Scott John by Tom Macbeth

Reciprocity - Dr Scott John

Tom Macbeth

About the artwork

Dr John Scott (“Scotty”) has a friendly face, a warm smile, and an endearing manner.  Of Scotty, Tom Macbeth says, “I am lucky enough to be able to call him my friend and surfing buddy.”  This painting captured Scotty just before the pair headed into the water at Palm Beach, with the sun already creating a warm glow on his skin and that characteristic squint of his, “See you out the back mate!”

About the sitter

Dr Scott John is the founding member of Reciprocity, an organisation dedicated to researching and promoting the understanding, value and application of building long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships as a key driver of individual performance. Moreover he is the Macbeth’s friend, something he says, “we need more of in these troubled times.” 

About the artist

Tom Macbeth won the Packers Prize in the inaugural Brisbane Portrait Prize in 2019. He has been a finalist in major portraiture competitions in Australia including the Archibald Prize, Black Swan Prize and Kennedy Prize. He has enjoyed portrait sittings with many prominent subjects including HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Greg Norman, Mick Fanning, Sir Leo Hielscher, Diesel, Prof Ian Fraser and many others.

“I paint as if I were walking in the street. I collect a pearl or a crust of bread; what I find around is what I offer”

Behind the scenes