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My Mate Keith by Dylan Jones

My mate Keith

Dylan Jones

About the artwork

This painting captures Keith’s inquisitive personality and his need to observe and dissect his surroundings. 

About the sitter

After a career in animation and freelance illustration, Keith Burt has been painting full-time since 2011. His art practice reveals a deep passion for portraiture and for depicting the objects and landscapes in his day-to-day life. In both 2017 and 2019 he was a finalist in the Archibald Prize. 

About the artist

Dylan Jones’ paintings vary in subject matter but regardless of what he chooses to portray there always remains an interest in colour, composition and the simplification of form. Painting “en plein air” and with models in the studio, Dylan’s work is inspired by a variety of people and places, all rendered in thick, gestural and handmade oil paint.

“My initial close up of Keith's face seemed to capture his essence more so than any of my other endeavours.”

Behind the scenes

For the BPP I planned to paint a large scale work of Keith, sitting on a chair looking directly at the viewer. 

The composition was inspired by Euan Uglow’s ‘The Diagonal’. Before attempting the large scale work, I executed a few smaller pieces focusing on various sections of the composition (ie. The hands, the face etc). 

Next, the time had come to paint the large scale painting. I worked on two versions but neither of them were to the quality of my submission. 

My initial close up of Keith’s face seemed to capture his essence more so than any of my other endeavours.