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John Collins (JC) by Janine Healy

John Collins (JC)

Janine Healy

About the artwork

Janine Healy took photos as JC performed with the guys from Powderfinger in their online reunion in May 2020 and transformed them into paintings. As all the members of the band were in separate locations, as she photographed them there were some wonderful accidental overlays. Healy says, “To me it captured the spirit of the moment and although the moment may have been over shadowed by the current serious global circumstances there was a shining light in the darkest of hours, raising funds for excellent causes Support Act and Beyond Blue… We are all in this together. Connected by Distance.”

About the sitter

John Collins (JC) is the now owner and founder of the Triffid and The Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane and is a mentor and champion of the local and international music scene. He is a humble individual and although he has been a member of one of Australia’s most successful bands, Powderfinger has remained the quiet achiever. Of this piece, Janine says: “it is a pleasure to honour my childhood friend with a portrait or two. We have been attempting to get together in the same room to make this happen for the past 18 months. I guess you could say that the Covid situation has actually been a help in the process where two friends with normally hectic lives can connect remotely, albeit on TV in the lounge room.”

About the artist

Janine Healy attended boarding school at St Peters and went to the Queensland College of Art and has returned home to the Scenic Rim to establish her studio and a local collective arts group. She has a passion for music and art and attended every local music gig she could as a teenager. She has performed as part of the band Orsino’s Safari at the Qld State Library and West End and her art work can bee found in commissioned public spaces throughout Redlands. 

“The painting captures Collins’ energy on stage and juxtaposes this with his drive to support a new generation of musicians through the venues he has established.”

Behind the scenes

John Collins and Janine Healy grew up in the Scenic Rim. Friends since their days at Beaudesert State High School, they both moved to different boarding schools in Brisbane.

Collins went on to become part of Brisbane Aussie rock history as the bass player for Powderfinger. Janine studied at the Queensland College of Art to become an accomplished visual artist.

The friends reunited through the COVID lock-down when Janine decided it was time to do something together and combine their love of art and music. The outcome is Janine’s entry to this year’s Brisbane Portrait Prize.

Janine’s captures Collin mid-performance at Brisbane’s Legendary Fortitude Music Hall underneath a dripping chandelier.
The painting captures Collins’ energy on stage and juxtaposes this with his drive to support a new generation of musicians through the venues he has established.

I am donating 50% from the sale of the painting to Support Act and Beyond Blue. These are the organisations Powderfinger donated to at the live event they performed during Covid from and where my inspiration for the portrait came. 

Progress photos bellow