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Under an Unnamed Leaf – Self Portrait by Donna Malone

Under an Unnamed Leaf - Self Portrait

Donna Malone

About the artist

Donna Malone is a Brisbane based artist who is proud to be represented by Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery for over 12 years, since moving from the Northern Rivers of NSW.  She exhibits and sells her work regularly both in Australia and overseas. Donna works from nature or life. Her practise depends on the persuasion and engagement of available materials and the environment. The interplay of breath/spirit through mixed media drawing informs her practise.

About the sitter

Donna decided to paint a self portrait which symbolically explores her relationship with Brisbane, which she describes as ambivalent. She has positioned herself under an unnamed leaf, with holes in it, positioned halo like above her head. She says of the piece: “I have questioned endlessly why I am living and working here. My parents were both born and raised in Brisbane and moved to Sydney, where I was born and raised, spending my school holidays in the 1970’s with my gran in Yeronga and cousins in Upper Mt Gravatt. I fondly remember visiting the corner shop, the dog shelter up the road, and Lone Pine, Garden City and Hibiscus Pool.  I arrived back in Brisbane with my young family in the 80’s, determined to raise my family here… After just 4 years I moved to Mullumbimby and then back again in the mid 2000’s. The leaf was found at the Botanical Gardens.  Am I being sheltered or exposed in Brisbane? What would I rather?  But no matter…Brisbane is where I am planted – so my goal then is – to Bloom where I am planted!”