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The Realist by Glenn Hunt

The Realist

Glenn Hunt

About the artist

Glenn Hunt is a Brisbane portrait photographer and photojournalist. He has worked on many national and US newspapers. In 2000 he became one of the founding directors of Oculi, an Australia- based collective of award-winning visual storytellers offering a narrative of contemporary life. Since returning to freelancing Hunt works for a long list of clients as well as the Australian Associated Press, Getty Images and The Australian. He is also known for his moody and explicitly contrived portraits. 

About the sitter

Michael Zavros is a leading Brisbane based Australian artist, who has earned an international following. His hyper realist works are often self reflective and ironic, with dominant themes including luxury, beauty and narcissism. He has exhibited widely within Australia and internationally and his work is held in the collections of most major museums within Australia. Zavros has been the recipient of several international residencies, grants and prizes. Recently Zavros held his first solo exhibition in the US at Art Los Angeles Contemporary and in late 2017 launched the first monograph on his work through Manuscript publishing. In this portrait, Hunt mimics characteristics of Zavros’ own paintings, emphasising the stylised and deliberate posing, and the careful use and placement of objects of significance.