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Still Life with Honeywill by Keith Burt

Still Life with Honeywill

Keith Burt

About the artist

Keith Burt is a Brisbane artist who has had regular exhibitions in Brisbane and Melbourne. Keith has twice been a finalist in the Archibald Prize. He says;” Painting John was a great opportunity to spend some time and talk art and compare processes. John is a generous subject which makes the collaboration an enjoyable and rewarding exercise. Hopefully this is evident in the painting.”

About the sitter

John Honeywill is a Brisbane artist who concentrates mainly on still life. He says of his work: “I paint the quiet visual conversations between everyday objects; paintings that explore presence and stillness in the genre of the still life–a genre that links the intimate world with the public.”  John has had a distinguished career in art and art teaching, who exhibits widely and is well represented in collections around the country. He has taught in secondary schools since the 1970’s and is now Head of the Art at Somerville House. John has combined his teaching with his painting practice and has been represented by Philip Bacon Galleries since 2001.