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Ms Suzanne Brooks, BA (UQ), M.Ed (Notre Dame, USA), Lib Hons, UQ by David Hayes

Ms Suzanne Brooks, BA (UQ), M.Ed (Notre Dame, USA), Lib Hons, UQ

David Hayes

About the artist

David Hayes was born, and still lives in Brisbane. His influences are pop art-based but his content draws heavily on metaphorical objects to layer deeper questions and narratives as they relate to the human condition and negotiating current world events. Hayes’ outlook is one of positivity and wonder of the human spirit. He considers how throughout all the upheaval, division, destruction and disruption, the human spirit has endured. Hayes has lived and worked in the UK, and travelled extensively. His artistic career has developed over the last 12 years.and he has been shortlisted in many local, national, and also international art prizes. 

About the sitter

David Hayes chose Suzanne Brooks, aka “The Aussie Iris” coined after Iris Apfel, the celebrated New York fashion and design icon, as his subject. Suzanne typifies the attributes comprising our city – an energetic contributor to the arts, and to law, education and governance. Her quirky, intelligent and independent personality, fashion sense and love of art is well known and informs the composition of this work. The image may be considered a “swatch” of the greater Brisbane fabric. One of Suzanne’s personal fabrics has been used as a faux backdrop, with pineapples historically associated with Queensland’s abundance and welcome nature. The graduated peach orange hues represent the glorious sunrises and sunsets, and like Brisbane the palette is bold ,energetic and unashamedly colourful.