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Margi By Susy Boyer


Susy Boyer

About the artist

Susy Boyer is a professional artist and freelance illustrator who has worked in the field for more than 35 years. She grew up in Brisbane and studied Visual Communication at the QCA. She works in pencil, pastels, watercolour and acrylic and says: “I’m inspired by the look of things and drawn to capturing certain moments in the lives of people and the brilliance of nature.” Boyer is a prolific illustrator of children’s books, mostly for the educational market, and has had her work published in a variety of magazines. She notes that her portrait of Dr Margi Brown Ash was created at a particular moment in time. “It captures the normally effervescent Margi in a pensive moment, as she generously sat for me the morning after receiving heart-breaking news.

About the sitter

Margi Brown Ash is a stalwart of Brisbane’s theatre scene. Instantly recognisable with her shock of hair and over-sized glasses, she is known to many through her work with just about every theatre company in Brisbane in multiple of roles from performer to playwright to director to creative coach. She has also worked as a researcher and lecturer and is much sought after as a therapist and mentor. She works with Playlab, Queensland Academy of Creative Industries, as well as the Sydney Theatre Company. Since arriving in Brisbane in 1989 Margi has been a firmly enmeshed in to our creative fabric, having encouraged many to step out of their comfort zone both as performers and audiences.