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Kay Kane by Ryan William Daffurn

Kay Kane

Ryan William Daffurn

About the artist

Ryan William Daffurn is an accomplished young Brisbane artist working in Leipzig, Germany, after completing a six-month residency He received his Diploma of Fine Arts in 2005 from the Julian Ashton Art School, Sydney, and has since been the recipient of a number of awards and grants such as the Robert Lee Gay Brereton Prize form the Art Gallery of New South Wales (2005), the Alice Bale Travelling Scholarship (2008) and was a successful recipient of an Arts Queensland Individuals Fund (2015) for his Leipzig residency. 
He predominantly uses oil on linen to work up a range of a range of compositions such as portraits and dramatic, spatially intense scenes and is influenced by the traditions of oil painting and, in particular, the Baroque art movement. In this way he employs heavy spatial designs, sensationalist subject matter and tension through dramatic lighting and intense emotion.

About the sitter

Kay Kane was Ryan’s first art teacher. She has been his longest artistic influence and become a second mother. Kay is one of Australia’s strongest visual artists. Her arts practice has guided a second career as an influential teacher in Queensland. She completed her PhD at QCA, Griffith University.