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Jenny Watson at Futury by Rudiger Wasser

Jenny Watson at Futury

Rudiger Wasser

About the artist

Rudiger Wasser is based in Byron Bay, studying for a Master in Visual Arts at Griffith University in Brisbane. His experience goes back to the days when film was in black and white and  processed in a dark room. Now he has moved with the times and his work is fully digital. Wasser’s photographs are a result of observing the world, seeing the little moments that are so surprising and unique, capturing the here and now, a personal observation and capture of the human experience. His focus is on content, timing and frame, without regard to specific technique or genre, although he seems to be drawn to urban and architectural motives. He has won several photographic prizes and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions.

About the sitter

Jenny Watson is a leading Australian artist, living and working in Brisbane, whose conceptual painting practice documents her life and dreams, relaying the everyday experiences, dreams and desires of a self-proclaimed suburban girl. Her paintings are based on materials selected for their cultural significance, geographic origins and individual histories.  This photograph was taken on study tour in Venice/Italy at Palazzo Futury.