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Halwyn Centre, Palm Grove Ward, Bed 7a by Anthony Williams

Halwyn Centre, Palm Grove Ward, Bed 7a

By Anthony Williams

A portrait of

Rory O’Connor


Collage, ink


61 x 77 cm


The artist represents themselves

About the artist

Anthony Williams is Brisbane born and bred, and only turned to art once he’d retired from his self employed business in his late 50s. He completed a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2010 at Ithaca TAFE, and exhibited at the Fire Lane Gallery. He is motivated by advocating for the rights of the disabled, and describes his works as deeply political. He works mostly in portraiture, using collage and ink. He cites Vernan Ah Kee as an inspiration. 

About the sitter

Rory is a 35 year old man living at Halwyn Centre, Ashgrove.  He is totally dependant on others for full time care.  He is blind, has never spoken, never walked and has never acknowledged his family. Anthony Williams has worked closely with Rory’s family and the staff at the Centre in creating this portrait. He had a number of sittings, and believes the work gives voice to Rory, and his need to be treated with dignity and respect. Recent threats to close the Halwyn Centre were met with protests from the community.  Rory and his mother Julie were the face and voice behind protests to have Halwyn remain operational.