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Echoes past and present by Julie Poulsen

Echoes past and present

Julie Poulsen

About the artist

Julie Poulsen was born and educated in Brisbane and completed a Diploma of Creative Arts in Toowoomba.  It was there, in an era of non-directed arts study and limited formal tuition, that Julie formulated a mindset of investigation. This was to characterise her future art practice. She has been a finalist in various national awards. Her work is in the collection of Cairns Regional Gallery and in corporate and private collection in  New York, Melbourne, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Cairns.  She also exhibited with Art Atrium at Sydney Contemporary in 2015 and 2017. Julie Poulsen’s instinctive creativity, curiosity and feel for colour and composition were informed by a diversity of climates and lifestyles in her formative years.  From the deep green wilds of Papua New Guinea to the shiny, bustling Gold Coast and from traditional Toowoomba and the United Kingdom to frontier Cooktown, Julie’s travels have fed her natural tendency towards exploration, discovery and experimentation.

About the sitter

Michael Marzik is a well known freelance photographer, who has worked extensively in North Queensland, and as exhibitions manager and designer at Museum of Brisbane. His photographs are well represented in institutions across Queensland. Poulsen says of him: “He orbits life with measured quietness. Michael’s photographs of everyday are beautifully mundane. Sequential they reference ideas which often escape those not taking the time to explore.”