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Brisbane Winter by Laura Patterson

Brisbane Winter

Laura Patterson

About the artist

Laura Patterson is an artist and graduate architect based in Brisbane. While gaining her Bachelors & Masters degrees in architecture, Patterson has consistently maintained a serious art practice throughout her architecture education and work, selling and exhibiting professionally as an artist since 2009. In 2018 she started working full time as an artist. She has been a finalist and winner of numerous significant art prizes and continues exhibiting regularly. Intentionally drawing on her background in architecture, her art practice is primarily focused on creating landscapes of hypothetical architecture, referencing human occupation, spatial composition and the development of an artistic language that brings architecture, traditional drafting techniques and figurative painting together with cohesion.

About the sitter

Laura says of her work: “My typical timber and tin Queensland home is very beautiful, but also very cold in winter. On my lunch breaks I go out onto the back deck to the only patch of sunlight for a chance to warm up. Momentarily blinded by strong sunlight after my dark house interior, I take off my two Brisbane-winter-strength jumpers and normally get about 15 minutes of sun before I start to feel myself burning and it’s time to pile everything on again and go back inside. I started painting this self portrait as a reminder of the strange sort of winters I enjoy in Brisbane. Days spent in a dark and icy timber box with no insulation, rugged up to the eyeballs, interspersed with brief moments in the sun feeling like I’m seaside in the Mediterranean, and remembering that I should probably put some sunscreen on.”