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Appearing Before the Hawks, the Hounds and Those Tell the Stories (Hugo) by Julie Fragar

Appearing Before the Hawks, the Hounds and Those Tell the Stories (Hugo)

Julie Fragar

About the artist

Julie Fragar is an Australian artist living and working in Brisbane. Her work explores the relationships between painterly and personal languages, both biographical and autobiographical. Fragar’s earlier paintings drew on her own life and environment as subject matter. More recently her work has turned to individual experiences of our major public institutions, including the court. Fragar has been exhibiting her paintings since the 1990s. Her paintings are composed as dense agglomerations of fragmented images, described as “not layers but many images knitted together in one go”. Fragar has been the recipient of numerous awards, grants and prizes, and has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally. Her work is held major public collections including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Art Gallery of South Australia and numerous other public and private collections. Fragar is a leturer at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. 

About the sitter

This portrait imagines that all the sons who pass through the Supreme Court of Queensland (and are photographed by the media) might just as easily be my son (Hugo). This valuable and burdensome place enacts the civic duties I would never have the courage to.