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Anthony by Daniel Sherington


Daniel Sherington

About the artist

Daniel Sherington is a Brisbane-based artist, whose practice considers the context of traditional and personal art creation in relation to contemporary cultural values. Engaging in a conceptual drawing-based practice, Sherington explores themes of masculinity, originality, the metaphysical, and the transformative. Materially, Sherington’s work exists in a transience between representation and reality; image and art; serious and satirical. 

About the sitter

Anthony Micallef is the 12th Headmaster of Brisbane Grammar School. He has studied at the University of Sydney and Harvard Graduate School of Education. For the past twenty years, Anthony has served Brisbane Grammar School in a number of key management roles. Sherington considers that Anthony occupies a position where his image isn’t necessarily of his own creation, but of what other people believe him to be. He says: “The portrait I have created of Anthony attempts to disarm him from any imposed image. Decontextualising him on aluminium, Anthony occupies a representational space without any connotations. In our sitting, Anthony’s love of education was evident. The image captures Anthony mid-conversation, and mid-moment of recognition. He sees the audience and invites them in. The drawing, printed on aluminium, allows the reflective quality of the material to engage the audience. To let them see some of themselves in Anthony.”